Great News For New Year-Michigan Relaxes Its Criminal Expungement Law



Detroit Criminal Defense Attorney

Under New Law, Even those with multiple criminal convictions can seek a criminal expungement in Michigan.

For years, persons who have been in search of an expungement of their criminal record in Michigan would always hit a major roadblock under Michigan’s former criminal record expungement law causing me to say the following: “Sorry, although you would be eligible for a criminal expungement of your recent felony conviction, the State of Michigan will not allow you to expunge your criminal record because of the minor misdemeanor conviction you received years prior to the felony conviction”. With the Michigan Legislature finally realizing the inner sadness and even anger that many of my clients experience when they learn that they are not eligible for an exungement because they have two (2) or more criminal convictions on their record, Governor Synder and the Michigan Legislature may have opened the door for many individuals to pursue a criminal expungement now with the passage of Michigan Public Act 2011 PA 64.

Under the old expungment law, a person who may have committed a recent misdemeanor or felony offense was deemed ineligible for an expungment of that particular criminal offense if they had other prior criminal convictions on their record as well, regardless of the offense or how long ago the previous conviction took place. There is now good news for those persons who may have committed a minor offense/misdemeanor before their 21st birthday. Now, under 2011 PA 0064 the expungement law provides that an individual can have up to three (3) minor offenses committed at age 21 or younger, and still qualify to petition the court to set aside their more serious criminal conviction. Note that other requirements still apply, such as the imposition of the sentence must have been at least five (5) years ago, and it cannot be a driving offense. This means the person who may of been convicted of a felony offense in 2005, and a qualifying misdemeanor offense prior to his 21st birthday, for example in 1997, is now eligible for an expungement in Michigan, so long as the fiver year period has passed since the date of conviction or release from prison.


Detroit Criminal Defense Attorney

Has your juvenile record held you back in life? Seek an expungement of your record Today!

On December 14, 2012, Governor Rick Synder signed a very important piece of legislation that will now allow juvenile offenders a fresh start with a clean criminal record. The old law only allowed juvenile offenders to request an expungement of only one (1) misdemeanor from their record. Under the new law, persons with juvenile records can now seek a criminal expungement if they have three (3) or fewer misdemeanors or only one felony conviction. This request can be made one year after a successful completion of sentence or probation, without the five-year waiting period. Only those offenses that carry a maximum life sentence in prison are not eligible for an expungement under the new law. This is exciting news for persons who have been denied employment, access to education and government funding due to their juvenile convictions.


If you or someone you know has been turned away from a job, career, or opportunity for

Detroit Criminal Defense Attorney

Never Fear A Criminal Background Check Again!

advancement, they must contact Michigan Criminal Record Expungement Attorney to seek an expungement of their criminal record.

A Criminal Expungement, legally known as an “Application to Set Aside Conviction” may be a solution that clears up obstacles for those with convictions on their record, making it easier to achieve better opportunities and provide a fresh start at life. Michigan Criminal Record Expungement AttorneyKevin Bessant has experienced much success in helping those with criminal records Set Aside their criminal convictions so that their records are cleared.

Setting Aside a Conviction or “Expungement” refers to the legal process of removing a prior criminal conviction from public record with the Michigan State Police criminal database. If you plead “guilty,” “no contest,” or were found guilty in court of a misdemeanor or felony offense, drug crime, weapons offense, criminal assault or domestic violence, you may be eligible to have your criminal conviction expunged from public record. An expungement allows criminal offenders who satisfy the requirements of Michigan Law, to set aside that one criminal conviction. Do not waste any more time fearing a criminal background check; being denied employment; or having your future dreams dashed due to your criminal past. Act now and expunge your record today!!


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